Wednesday, May 2

i have just spent six days
taking care of my grandbaby, colben.
one year old.  ringlets all over his head,
and full of loving mischief.
every night, i bathed him and shampooed his
hair, and it was a perfect deal breaker re: his
going to sleep.  we love each other.  i act half-
crazy with him.  don't care what anyone thinks,
my head just flies off;.  brains and sensibility and
whatever protocol there should be. i could care less
what anyone thinks.  only the beautiful reward of his
laughter and giggles and little games that are just
between us. 
one night, i was in a hurry to get the bathing routine
out of the way, so i got into the tub, and lifted him in.
have you ever thought how beautiful it is that a baby
looks at you as if you are heaven itself, and doesn't
even know the imperfections of an old body.   for him,
i am perfect in every way.  i pour water over his head.
we laugh.  then, i lift him out.  and myself. and wrap
each of us in towels.  put a gown on, then proceed to
slather him with baby lotion in every crack and crevice,
and put his jammies on.
oh, i love this baby.
and i just bend over in pain at the
thought that anything would ever harm him.
babies don't care, or even notice, if we are
high-fashion models or 66yr. old grandmothers.
no flaw is significant.  they are searching for love.
little, new people who just want to be gently loved
and hovered over and fed.  wouldn't it be
beautiful if we all were like this?
that we never looked across the room at
someone, and walk in another direction because
we see a handicap person or someone that looks
like the dregs of society.
Jesus says that when we look and care for
"the LEAST" of these, we are serving Him.
it is as if the hungry and poor and needy are
angels , and God is just checking us out to see
how solid and pure and humble our love for others
"the least of these" really is.  these are the ways God
checks our hearts. 
oh, i just want to be watching and searching for
the seemingly "least", because then i know that
i truly AM making a difference in the world as God
has asked us to do.


  1. he sounds like a perfect angel.
    so happy you get to enjoy him.

  2. This is so beautiful!! Your words are absolutely perfect.