Monday, May 28

my broken rib still hurts,
and i have a black eye and
an egg on my
go with it.

yesterday, i went to
panera's to start back to
our chats. i was terrified that
my face would scare everyone.
so i put on one of my most beautiful
dresses. pulled my hair back in a
pony tail, and slipped inside, hoping...
praying that people would admire my
dress and almost forget to look up.

i found a little corner tucked away.
and pulled my computer out. everything
as usual except i couldn't get panera's
internet service no matter what i tried. was sooo hard that i wrapped
everything up. slipped out the side door.
drove home in tears. put my night-gown
back on, and slept for an hour.

i miss my children. oh, i miss them.
if you could just see them and hear them
when they talk to me with love soaked in
their messages. i'm lonely for them.

yesterday just turned into today.
my bruises look better and my rib
feels better, and it really is the truth
that life gets better and better and
harder and harder. i love you all, and
Jesus does...and that is enough for today.


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  2. Hope you feel better soon!

    I am just starting to share my collection of your books with my teen-age daughter :). What an inspiration you have been to me for many years and it is so special to share these books that I have loved with my own daughter now. THANK YOU :).

  3. Lifting you up in prayer Ann & praying that Jesus will give you an irresistable hug and to bless you & your family this summer. I just wanted to tell you that I love your writing and honest emotions and transparency it gives all of us permission to be real and share and have hope in Jesus. I have had a cassette tape that I listened too that came with your hardcover book- I love the Word Impossible and also had a CD, Called "Yes" put out by FireFighters for Christ. Also have a cassette series of yours with a book on evangelism- I just hope you might publish more of your audio speaking and sermons/stories. Your books are incredible & I have read most through the years and reread some. But hearing your voice and your simple, tender, compassionate ways and love for Jesus even make you more endearing. Praying you make CD's for purchase- I will buy them & knowing you would bless many!!Thanks for blogging and touching all of us. Your obedience to the Lord is amazing through the joys and sorrows and valleys of life!

  4. Ann... when I was a teen, you were the Dean... driving a Porche and sharing Jesus. I had a terrible family trauma several years ago. I searched for encouragement... Ruth Bell Graham, Mark Lowry, Gaither music... and Ann Kiemel. I had not 'yet' relapsed, but I would. I was so impacted then (around 2008) by your testimony... I would LOVE to sit and visit. My son, Justin (who was a 13yr old, 70pound soccer playing team mentor... was thrust by sin into the California 'justice' system. I believe it wasn't his own sin that put him there, but it was his sin that kept him there. Ann, my little boy isn't likely to survive. I had mentioned my boys were chosen, gifts from God... adopted at birth. I don't know what happened, but he has very little chance today... I have a home, at the bottom of the Grapevine- it's in ruin, like the family. When I was in my 'room' feeling the agony... looking for HIM... I found some messages. I heard your story- and your seasoned voice. I am at the end of a very long marriage (Divorce final last month.... I was married 8/20/1983 ) I have 'no skill... ' I was a mom, a classroom aide, a campus supervisor, a WIFE, Daycare provider, a Sunday School teacher... I was involved in ministry, but I was not fed. NOW.... I am where you were.... By the way, I bump into corners, and I am bruised and I am not tan.... and I did look so much better when I was. I have friends in Madera. I would love to sit with you. I had a home on a hill, with a view... and 'sin' took that away... never-the-less I am the sinner... and I need to know what Jesus has for me... Ann... I don't know what is in front of me. I just pray... I am in a storm of not knowing... it's been long. I would LOVE to be in the Wal*Mart sharing a fish sandwhich and Jesus... I bet you did not think at that moment about Jesus feeding the lost and hungry the fish, but here He did it again. I am praying, ANN. Thank you. ( By the way... I had run across your message. My sister was dying. She and I shared about those early days... A sweet moment that we can hold until we meet again.... ) Is there a 'place' to CHAT? I would love to pray with you... in the meantime. God Bless. Janine