Sunday, May 6

i just happened to take a glance online
(something i NEVER do except facebook.
in BIG LETTERS, it said ann kiemel and
husband divorce.

who would come up
with such a salacious lie as this?

i don't think anyone who is married would say
it's a piece of cake.  for me, it was, hands down,
the hardest thing i ever did.  somehow, by Divine
grace, will and i clung to our vows made before
God,  and only in the last five days of his life
did the children and i feel really loved by him.

a tornado swoops in.  we are all hiding in the
bath tub together.  praying for the Lord to
save us.  tornadoes rip through our souls,
and carry carnage through our veins, and puncture
wounds so deep we cannot stop the bleeding
of pain and resentment..

i do not think that Jesus abandons those who
are divorced.  He may "hate divorce", but He
is sorrowed by many things beyond divorce.

we are all broken.  
all of us have shadows we wish weren't
there.  but...

blow on the trumpet.  hit the drums.  get
the organ going.  Jesus is our Husband and
Father. everything..every failure, every lost is ALL covered by the Blood.  all
of it.  so now we will sing and celebrate.
it doesn't matter what others think of us, it
is ALL about what God sees when He sees
pure hearts.


  1. Such a beautiful post. I completely believe you when you say, "it doesn't matter what others think of us".... but I gotta tell you... it's been a lifelong struggle ALWAYS worrying about what others think. Thank you for this post. xo

  2. My 25 1/2 yr. Marriage ended in divorce. I have 4 wonderful children from that union whose demise i would never have imagined nor desired. Devastating & traumatic. Huge collateral damage in my & my children's lives. Breast cancer concurrently. A masectomy 5 days before my mediation. Betrayal, rejection, shame, regret, forgiveness, healing...the scarlet letter "D" replaced with jesus' crimson robe of righteousness lovingly wrapped around me...

  3. Im sorry you have had some hateful experiences lately. It happens when you reach out to people for the Lord.

  4. ann,
    so sorry that such awful things are written...I didn't realize things were difficult in your marriage. Have you written about that somewhere? I, too, didn't feel loved by my husband. Ever. We didn't have 5 days of reprieve....I'm glad you and your boys were blessed with that before Will died.
    Thank you for beins such a model of graciousness through difficult situations.