Monday, May 28

memorial day,
i ran into walmart to pick up
some cold drinks.  hurry.  hurry.
and i blindly walked past a dishevelled
guy in an old wheel-chair.  i went
around the back of him because i just
couldn't face another poor guy, with
a sign of needing money.
when i came out of the store, i felt
i couln't ignore this guy.  so...
i walked up to him.
heading for the car, and hoping he
wouldn't take advantage of me, and
lie for money for more alcohol or
he was waving a pitiful, old american
flag.  a veteran of some war.
"are you hungry, sir?"
"oh, i am always hungry...."
"well, what sounds really good to
you right now?"  i smiled. no agenda
with me, but genuine love and concern.
"i love fish sandwiches from mcdonald's..
yeah, those are the best!"  and he smiled
and licked his lips
so i told him i would go, right then, and get
him one.  when i got to mcdonald's, one
just didn't sound like enough, so i ordered
two.  upon return, he was sitting right there.
i pulled over next to him and handed him
his meal.  and he thanked me.
"this will last me for today."
"what is your name, sir?"
"well, hi, jim.  my name is ann."
"do you know Jesus, jim?
i mean really, really know Him?"
"yes, ma'm, i do.  i sure do,"
"well, if you know Jesus, then you
can make it through anything. He
sent me right to you to remind you that
His eyes are on you, and to not be afraid.
no matter what."
i walked to my car
and was suddenly struck
with Jesus's words about feeding
the hungry and caring for the broken,
the poor.  the weak.
"Jesus, when did we ever see
 those hungry
or naked or in pain?"
and His response was,
"when you care for these, you are
caring for Me...
"God loves you and i love you
and that is the way it should be.
God loves you and i love you and
that is the way it should be."
keep watching for Jesus to put
people in front of you.  keep watching.
He will because we are the only arms of
love and kindness He has to work with
on earth.  please don't forget.
one more memorial day passed.
thanks to the troops from multiple
wars.  thank you.

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  1. What a blessing! Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit and blessing this gentleman!! We are the hands, feet, eyes and ears of Jesus.......listening for those who are hurting and lonely and needing encouragement and help! Thank you for blessing!