Tuesday, October 30

thank you for such sweet thoughts
about colben, my almost-two grandson.
the love of my life.
i treasure my daughter-in-law....and
we had so much fun.

she and her cousin were going to a
movie, and colben said, "bye-bye. bye-bye. bye-bye. bye-bye."
jasmine walked out the door, rolling her eyes.
"enough, colben. i know you want
grandma to yourself!"

he slept in my big bed, with me, sucking two of his
little fingers. both of us tired and happy
and together.
i miss brandt. he won't return from
deployment until the end of january.

a new week. almost a new month.
my computer still in the shop. time is
flying, but the enemy seems to be
ahead of time. be alert. on guard. his
best tool of defeat is to whisper lies to
me, and make them seem real.

i heard my best girlfriends were having
a party. i hadn't been invited. was
simply paralyzed. lying on my bed.
truly believing i was losing them all.
what had i done? fear of rejection like
a stronghold in my life. only to find
out later that there never was a party.

resist the devil.
run for your life.
may the peace of God sweep away
the shadows of doubt and fear.
God and i are running with you today.

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  1. I too hve that horrible fear of rejection. It comes over me and all I can do is pray. It is awful. I promise to pray for you, please pray for me. I love and appreciate you so much.