Tuesday, April 16

after having run,
and qualified for
three boston marathons,
the most elite marathon in
the world other than the olympics,
i am shocked and saddened
by the bombings yesterday.

i've been there.
worn through many new balance
shoes on this historic, 26.2 mile
course. the blood of my unrelenting
spirit, that carried me through pre-qualifying
marations, is rubbed
into the asphalt and cement along
with thousands of others.

the 5-miles of hills (mountains),
starting at mile 19, have bullied
all of us who refused to give in and
walk them.

a Race of races.
damaged and scarred
and never to be thought of
quite the same....again.
but beloved. every runner's dream.
the Boston marathon.

may we all pray for the
wounded...and those who've
lost life or limbs.....BUT NEVER
FORGET the ONLY Race in life
that REALLY counts.....

our eternal journey
to the Celestial City where
Jesus is waiting for each of us.
with open arms. the choirs
singing. our loved ones waiting.

where we can finally lay all our
burdens down. our weeping and
sorrows no more. the final battle

"it will be worth it all..
when we see Jesus.
our trials will seem so small
when we see CHRIST!"

i grieve with all who grieve.
this was my turf. my home.
may the banners still wave.
until our final call. to the Race
in the skies.

1981 boston marathon mile 23


  1. I don't know many people who have or do run the Boston Marathon. I thought of you yesterday. Praying today for those whose lives have been tragically changed and are having to pick up the pieces while trying to make sense of it all.

  2. I am so sorry Ann. I know this hits hard for you. Especially since you lived there and that you know what it's like to run and to make it count. I am praying for all of Boston and the victims and their famiies. One blink of an eye and everything can change. Jesus is coming soon.......... I hope your feet are feeling better. I'm still choosing to run the race now so more than ever.............

  3. Ann, as a young woman I read your book telling about your experience in the Boston Marathon. In my sheltered world, I'd never heard about it before then! I surely remembered you yesterday when I heard the devastating news. Thank you for today's writing...very thoughful.