Sunday, April 14

thank you so
for ALL your prayers for
brandt. you can't possibly
know HOW much courage
and strength you are pouring
into us.

brandt and jasmine and colben
drove over yesterday. flushed
and shining and quietly captured
by the reality that a miracle was
passing their way. there is a
guide study book for the test.
and jas is going to help brandt

i will let all of you know date
of test, and maybe you'll join
us in prayer. the clean waters
of unmerited grace are raining
down on us.

Jesus gave us a kiss on the
cheek when one of the interviewers
called. telling brandt they were
really impressed with the phone

"remember, brandt and jasmine,
miracles happen...not because
of who we are. they are ALL about
Who God is!"

"there is power..power..
wonder-working power
in the Blood of the Lamb...
power, power..wonder-working
power in the precious Blood
of the Lamb." (old hymn)

we all need miracles.
our families. our friends.
shave away all doubts.
sew hope into the seams of
our fears. let's watch and wait
and see the glory of God.

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  1. So incredibly blessed at how God is showing Himself in such a tangible way to your kiddos! Yes Ann, miracles are all around us if we just keep attuned to Holy Spirit! Praising God with you all!