Saturday, April 20

"may i let my eyes look straight ahead, and fix my gaze straight before me.
may i watch my step. stick to the path..and be safe.
may i not turn to the right or left
but keep my foot from evil."
proverbs 4:25-27

it is so easy for me to turn
my head for a second...and
miss out on the best. to see
an inviting magazine, and grab it
before my Bible. to hear the
noise around me instead of
being quiet. still. listening for
the voice of God. to listen to
my children's struggles, and
forget that there is no real gain
in their lives without pain. that Jesus can only create
substance in us through hardship.

people would give me standing
ovations...and be all caught up
in my successes. i would remind
them that no matter how good their
adulation felt, it was wrong.

that pain and loss and insecurity
and failure were the things that
put substance in my life. made
me compassionate. taught me
kindness and humility. no! not
fame, but the exact opposite.

on this Saturday,
keep your heart focused.
let your ashes teach you that
the rising sun is coming.
and keep your focus straight
ahead. we are in this Race
together. there is a cost.
i am running with you,
and Jesus is our Song.
loving each of you.. so!!

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