Wednesday, April 3

"glory, glory hallelujah.
glory, glory hallelujah.
glory, glory hallelujah...
His Truth is marching

we just must believe this.
even when there is a bad report
about our cancer.  or our
children are lost. or finances
are drying up.  or work creates
bare minimum money to survive.
or someone we thought really
cared about
us, hurts us.

"is there anyone who can
explain  God?  anyone smart
enough to tell Him what to do?
anyone who has done Him such
a huge favor that God has to ask
his advice?"

"everything comes from Him.
everything happens through Him.
everything ends up in Him.
always glory!  always praise!
yes. yes. yes."  
romans 11, the Message

may we each
stack our weary burdens
at the Cross...and leave them
there.  with truth marching  on.
i join you in this glorious, difficult
pursuit.  always, with love.

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