Sunday, April 7

i have spent hours on
the phone today. all my
children are in crisis.
one way or another.

when the phone rings,
and i see it is one of my sons,
the door to the world slams shut.
i become instantly stilled.
quiet and alert and absorbed in
every word.

if it is just to say,
"i love you, mom.."
or a bigger chunk of life
that they share with me....
and need to talk about...
and we cover everything! well,
an appointment is missed.
or my car is pulled off the
road so i can listen and be

God is challenging every one
of my children in difficult areas
right now. just as He is doing
with me. and i don't know four
brothers as connected to each
other as mine are. and if ever
a mother loved her children...and
i know you do...well i am that
mother, too.

oh, yes, my feet hurt.
but when my children do,
then every bone aches.
and tears run out my eyes and
fingers, and down my soul.

so, tonight,
i crawl into the warm, safe,
loving lap of God. and lay
my weary heart against His
chest. i understand a broken
world because i am broken.
and tomorrow, in church, every
pew will be filled with broken

is the Light of
the world.

"tell fearful souls,
'courage! take heart!
God is here, on His way,
to put things right
and redress all wrongs.
He's on His way. He'll save
you.'" isaiah 35 the Message

stay in the Race.
run the Course. my
children..and yours..need us!
i love you.

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  1. Always glad to hear updates about your boys. So glad you have each other. Praying for you all.