Friday, April 5

just returned from 12-step meeting.
our theme has been forgiveness.
perfect for Holy Week and since.

i reminded my sisters in recovery
that as my feet begin to heal,
i will begin my detox program
off pain pills. it always takes so
much courage to come back
and face this issue in my life.
to not lie to myself. to choose
the easier path of just slipping by.

please pray for me as i soon
start this process. my feet are
still so painful...but just in the
last two days, i've noticed
some relief. wow! what a
journey this has been. and it
won't be complete until my
dependence on medication is
removed. as you are washing
dishes, or driving children to
school, and you think of me,
send up a prayer.

thinking of addiction,
i'm reminded of how much
it steals from our lives. the
greatest of which is freedom.
no one can know how sweet
freedom tastes unless you have
been enslaved. may that
never happen to me again.

so difficult for me not to
worry as a mother. i've changed
subjects now. a mother's love
is something to behold. maybe
we can just say that with addiction
(and everyone has some form of
one) or parenting, we must trust
in Jesus...and in Him alone.

"lead me to the Rock
that is higher than i."


  1. Praying in Idaho Falls Ann

  2. I'm praying for you Ann! I just had the back surgery and it is time for me to begin the pain med withdrawal process as well. I'll pray for you and you pray for me. My name is Kathy and i am a single parent. Praying from reno................

  3. Your courage touches me. I never considered this aspect of your foot surgery.Jesus,I trust in You.My prayers will be for you at Mass tomorrow,Ann.