Friday, April 12

so many of you praying
for brandt's job in harrisburg.
an amazing friend has offered
to cover his airfare for test.
Jesus keeps making  a way.
i believe.  i believe.

believe in the God 
of the universe.  in His vast
grace and power to orchestrate
events and make paths in the
desert. through the dry  and
thirsty sands of our souls.

may i not indulge in even
one doubt. not even in something
that hints of shadowing thoughts.
not one.  God is making a
way where there seemed to
be no way.  pools of water in
the shimmering heat and dryness
of seeming impossibility.

it's called grace.
undeserved favor by a
Holy God.

where is your dry land?
the areas where God seems
so silent?  where the impossible
seems to reign?

well, God can do what He does
best:  MIRACLES!  don't let the
enemy sweep your boat of life
and hope down the river of
seeming hopelessness.

oh, my little family needs 
more miracles and answers..
but today, my eyes are on
brandt's miracle.  if Jesus
can do this, He can do

for you.
for me. for
undeserved grace.

and He shall lead us.
Jesus Himself.
and we shall not be
overcome. we shall not
be overcome.


  1. Believing this miracle with you, for the glory of God.

  2. Believing for God's mercy, and favor and Grace! Let HIS perfect will be done in all of your lives! What an awewsome God we serve! Keep us posted as to when Brandt leaves to go take his test! xxx