Tuesday, April 9

here we sit.
jan and i.
in dr. leon's
office. the orthopedic
specialist who did the
surgery on our feet.

two of jan's toes aren't
doing what they are supposed
to do. and my feet are being
x-rayed. slow healing...but
starting to detox on pain meds
next week. i am so grateful
for all your prayers.

bible study fellowship tonight.
trying to talk jan into
going home with me.
i get lonely, and i love
being with my sister.

i want to see the milk
and honey, instead of
all the giants and walls
in life. remember when
moses sent 12 men to
scope out the promised
land? ten were so alarmed
by the obstacles they saw
that they wanted to return
to egypt.

there were caleb and joshua.
they saw land flowing with
milk and honey. promise
and bright tomorrows.
caleb was 85 years old,
but was confident he could
fight the giants.

"Lord, may we trust Your
promises. Your truths.
strip us of our fears and
worry and doubts. i love
You, Jesus. i'm running with
You. please bless my fellow
warriors. may we run and
win. may fear be gone!!"

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