Sunday, April 28

"mom!! guess what? good
news. the air force is going to
completely pay for our move to harrisburg.
every penny!"

"i mean...if i get in. and i already
cancelled out marshall islands.
in faith."

his test is may 6.
he will know that day if the job
is his. brandt's and jasmine's
concept of Jesus is taking on
new dimensions. God doesn't
just care about the whole world
in mass...but He is creating miracles just for them, too.

please keep praying.

taylor, who graduated in december,
is looking..
praying...for a job in the film
area. a local church? clips from
mission trips. he needs to see
Jesus, too. as do brock and

today is the Sabbath.
today, we lay our regular
routines down....and seek more
of Jesus. i'm so far from where i
want to be in my spiritual
journey. but....

let's be kind to ourselves.
knowing God's grace covers a
multitude of sin.

well, join the club.
tomorrow, Jesus will lead
us, more and more, to wholeness.
He promises that if we become
less...and let Him be more...a healthier sense of self will become
alive in us. let's go for it.

i love you all.

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  1. I'm praying and beleiving for Brandt and his family that he will get the job. I pray that Taylor gets a job in a christian place, (right where God wants him)! It's funny, i just wrote that verse down yesterday that Love covers a multitude of sin. I'm so glad Jesus loves us unconditionally. I don't know any one that truly loves me that way. I'm still running,but, right now i think i am as slow as a snail, but, just reading your blogs and trying to remember to keep praying is such a big help. In and of myself there is no good thing. How are your feet feeling? I so wish i could come with you to Israel.....pray for a miracle for me please. God truly loves you and so do we...........