Monday, April 1

Easter sunday came early
for me.  in fact, before sunrise.
midnight sharp, we were treated
to a brilliant lightening storm.
wild, ragged thunder...

followed by a lit sky.
silver-white.  the backdrop
for the  massive trees and
beautiful  foliage here in the
country. God's announcement
of  "it is finished."

matthew 28:2-7
"mary came to keep vigil.
shafts of lightening blazed from
Him. His garments shivered snow-white..."

"He is risen from the dead.
His countenance was like
lightening and He was white as 
snow. HE IS RISEN! "  the Message

rain was coming down in
sheets. taylor had driven in
to spend Easter with me. he
was running out the front door
with phone/camera  in hand.
my film-degreed son, capturing
the awe and very Presence
of Resurrection.

taylor and i had been invited
to dinner at the aubrey mcganns'
for lunch..and brandt and jasmine
and baby colben, with cousin netta,
were invited here at four for
dinner with us.

my feet in boots.
swollen and painful.
brandt saying he will
probably contract as firefighter
in marsall islands.  australia.
all my children in transition on
some level.

i wept.
yet let go.
children must be
free to go with their dreams.
times for mothers to relinquish.
and dwell in quiet places of
prayer with God.

but Jesus lives.  reigns.
forgiveness across every board
in our lives.  the entire reason
for the Cross.  for what we must be.

am posting a few pics of today.
my face wet with tears, and
colben cheering me.  kissing me .
blessings to all. because of the
Cross, there is deliverance for all.
even me! 

                        Easter Blessings

            taylor, colben, brandt, ann

                         ann, colben

                       ann, colben

       taylor with colben on lap, brandt, ann

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  1. Ann,
    Hi is risen indeed !! It makes my heart smile to see you enjoying these precious moments with your precious family. I miss you.
    Annie in Chicago