Thursday, September 12

drenched with early thursday
morning beginnings.  my heart
dancing with expectation; chewing
on the beautiful, strain of choirs
in the diistance.

oh, Lord...
oh, Lord...
glorious is Your Name.

i went with my friend to
return jewelry she had bought
at dillard's...the best store in town.
it had all been purchased for
an eighty-plus-year-old aunt.

our eyes caught some costume
jewelry we liked.  she is stunning
peruvian; i, caucasian..and the
lady behind the counter, hispanic..
my friend and i were giggling..and
picking our favorite bracelets and

"are you sisters?"  the clerk
asked.  absolutely no innuendo
in voice or smile.  as if no difference
in color of our skin or eyes.

"no..great friends God brought

i want my friendship with Jesus
to be like this.  bonded. trusting.
filled with goodness and kindness.
nothing that can tear us apart.

"the Lord is for me."  ps.118

even to complete strangers
today...that you are for them.
that's my goal; often 
by big, shining smiles and
glistening eyes.

 "oh, to be like Thee.
oh, to be like Thee.
blessed Redeemer...
pure as Thou art.
come in Thy brightness..
come in Thy fullness.
stamp Thine own image
deep on my heart."  chorus

let's run, warriors..
with soul and every Divine crumb
of love...we can find.  making
music that is light instead of
dark.  thst builds bridges instead
of walls.

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