Monday, September 2

can a mother forget the infant
at her breast...walk away from
the baby she bore?

"but even if mothers forget,
i'lll never forget you...never."

"trust in God.
lean on your God."

"all who are serious about
right living...and committed to
seeking God...i teach you how
to talk...and personally
watch over you.."     

early morning.  daylight crawling
silently over the dip of the horizon.
labor day, 2013.   i'm trying to
take care of jan... very ill.  all her
family is out of town.  

i'm hobbling on one foot.
yesterday was brandt's
25th birthday.  brock had a
concert.  and got colson in.
both live in same city. i've met
so many people.  jan and i
have been evangelizing hospitals
and doctors.  please pray for
all taylor is doing.

i want to be like Jesus.
so many questions.
people with such different
points of view.  do you ever
wonder who has figured out
the perfect life plan
that would perfectly please God? 

the thought of caring for the
bruised and broken and destitute....
but good people without the Lord
do this. and i try to.  but that's it.  a
part of following the Lord. 

maybe never raising your voice,
and arguing and never using
your mouth to gossip and criticize. others.   

but..we're all broken.  

says that all who simply come
to Him can be saved.
many come just so they can feel better
for awhile.  

no!  i'm running to Jesus our LORD.
running. feet flying. i mess up
so much.  get discouraged.
Jesus, do you see me?

run warriors.
take all of Him.
embrace Him.
Let's find our freedom.
our deliverance.
His way.

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