Saturday, September 14

the Bible speaks of "the beautiful feet of those who serve the Lord.."

well, my feet aren't physically
beautiful.  in fact, after three
surgeries, with another scheduled,
i am too shy and embarrassed 
just to get someone to paint my
nails before the surgery. 

Jesus is speaking to me.
He is feeding me courage and
self-respect. running so many
marathons. calling out to thousands of people,

"God loves you.  He wants to   
make a way for you. never give up..
He lives for you in all your pain."

and i would squeeze their hands,
as i'd pass them along the

i have run hundreds of thousands
of miles for the glory of Jesus.
there is so much power in just
speaking His name.  the world
longs for truth.  people want
deliverance.  freedom from sin.

soak your feet.  
ask God to send you where
someone is desperately waiting
for Jesus to come by.  Jesus
knows just where the hungriest
are. the most broken.

i was so disappointed in myself
yesterday.  please forgive such a
shallow blog.  talking about myself.

often, i am the thirstiest of all.
the most weary and sad.  but
not yet...not once in my life...have
i yet felt abandoned by God.

let's get our running shoes out.
put on warrior gear. be grateful
for a patient Savior. let's join
hearts and hands....and
keep running
"for the joy set before us...
for the joy, He endured the pain..
for the joy He suffered the shame..
and He'll do it all again...."

for the joy set 
before us.
the joy.
yes...the joy...
we are running
for the joy.


  1. You would imagine such an idea would have the Zapatillas Running Baratas companies issuing legal writs in a mad panic, but instead they realized that most people were not actually going to run barefoot.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your life, Ann. The blessings the Lord provides for you, be they a "tiny figure" or "academic honors" or whatever - are to me insights as to the kinds of care packages He sends to nurture our humanness. He knows we need material reminders of His care.