Saturday, September 28

pray on, dear friends.
pray. cry out.
i'm counting on you.

returned from hospital
yesterday.  friday. large
incision on hip where bone
was removed for foot.  my
foot cannot touch the ground..
no weight...for six weeks. my
bones had never fused, so for
seven months, i've walked with
bones separated. not once
in the hospital did they medicate
my pain enough for relief.

"as the deer pants for
streams of water, so my soul 
pants for you, my God."  ps.42

all those running this
glorious, oft shattering
Race of life You have assigned a choir, Lord...we sing:

"as the deer panteth
for the water, so my soul
longeth after Thee..
You, alone, are my heart's
desire, and i long to worship
"You, alone, are my
Strength; my Shield...
to You, alone, doth my
spirit yield...."

i can hear the drumbeat.
the marching band of God's
mercy for us all. stay the
course. and when you are
washing dishes...or driving
down the streets...or picking
up groceries, and you think
of me....

cry out...
i can't imagine
making it otherwise.
i love you.


  1. Oh Ann I am so sorry to read of your pain...You are precious in His sight..I pray for relief, hope and encouragement for your soul as you rest and heal...

  2. I am lifting you up in prayer, Ann, asking God to relieve your pain and bring you comfort and strength, as well as complete healing! You have encouraged so many of us over the years and I pray that God will use His Body to encourage you now.

  3. Dear Ann, your life has been and continues to be an inspiration! You are being lifted up in prayer by so many who love you through your writings. May God bring His healing touch and bless you in this time of rest and recuperation. How lovely on the mountains (anywhere) are the feet of those who bring Good News...

  4. Dearest Ann, I pray for you to experience a new level of intimacy with Jesus.....take the time to breathe in His love for you. I care and pray your pain softens to peace soon. Love, Joyce

  5. Dear Ann, I appreciate your honesty in the midst of your pain-filled days. I can empathize with you a little. My daughter had colon resection surgery a few days ago, and it has been a tough time with pain, seemingly back-peddling, and no light at the end of the tunnel. Prayers for you to heal well and to be able to have some good pain control!

  6. Unrelenting grinding pain, can make moments last forever. Will pray for relief, strength, pain, and a beautiful fusion of the new bone!