Sunday, September 15

"God is for us."
all of us.
makes no difference where
we've been. where we are. what
we've done. good or bad.

Jesus will always be for us
when no one else is.

it is 2 a.m..
had just awakened 
to go to the bathroom
when my phone rang.
i'm a single mother of four
sons. in their 20's. a 
phone call can change
everything.  a lifebeat into
eternity .

it was brock.
my second born.
oh, i
this punk music lover.  no
one with a sweeter heart.
academically gifted. yes, he
lives with his girlfriend. regardless,
i treasure her.

"mom, i've just been given
a dui. i knew i shouldn't be
driving, but i wanted to get
home to kristi.  no accident.
i was just pulled over. please
call kristi.  i don't want to
spend the night here. maybe
30 days.  i want to take this
like a man, mom. i made a very
poor decision. pray for me, mom.

accomplished .

i never lecture my children
in these moments. the last thing
they need. going to bed, i was
trying to set things in action for
my feett surgery, but something
else very important has just 
taken momentary top importance.

God had me post that picture
of brock and kristi.....preparing
us to pray.  to be ready. if your
child is hurting, so am i.
please always know that.

i ask for your prayers for my
family. we will all be standing
with brock, trying to make
the right choices.  without
question, we watch each
other's backs. and
into the arms of God

"I, even I, am He who comforts
you..."   isaiah

"from the first day that you
set your heart to understand. and
to humble yourself before your
God, your words were heard."
book of daniel

Jesus knows.
He cares.  uh-huh.
that our entire hope is in Him,
our God.

the rivers run cold.
the nights can hollow
out a darkness that can make
you shiver and shake.

but our mighty Warrior
never leaves us or forsakes us.
will keep you posted.

the broken heart of a devoted
mother.  love,  ann


  1. It will be okay. . .hopefully, a lesson learned that will never happen again. It will cost $$. It will take time, but he will get through this victorious. I love that he called you to pray for him. He knows who his Source is. . .Praying for wisdom for you all. . .

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  3. Dear Ann, sorry my first blog was not complete so I removed it.... New at this "smart world"... Anyways... I am so glad to have found you. I read up growing up and looked up to you cuz you were twenty something and I was still a teen. I got saved at the tail end of the Jesus movement and you and Philip yancy were my favorites!! So amazing to read your blogs and see how our lives have paralleled in so
    Many ways..I will pray for young mr Brock that God will use this to optimal mileage as He did in my life!!! It is so wonderful to know that All things work together... We trust that our big God has Brock, kristi and DUI all in His mighty hand!!! Love you Ann ..and will pray for Jan too.. Xolinda