Saturday, September 21

nestled in seattle.
just days before surgery.
taylor came along. a good job
film work? computers?
just checking opportunities

i had one last consult with
a doctor for my feet. i was ready
for him to do the job that
afternoon. and it's my birthday

"I have seen, His ways,
but I will heal him.
I will guide him and restore
comfort to him...creating praise 
on his lips.

"I will heal them."
"then your light will rise in
the darkness, the Lord will guide
you always....
He will satisfy your needs in a 
sun-scorched land....
you will be like a well-watered
garden, like a spring whose
waters never fail...."
isaiah 58

Jesus prepares us for the
journey...straightens the lines...
puts love, spilled out, into
our brokenness. calls us to
wars of the soul. promising
faithful camaraderie.

i will need all He will give me
for the foot ordeal. i know you
will be with me.  finally, the
grace is moving in.

let's go to war...
with the Cross of Jesus...
going along to serve righteousness.