Sunday, September 8

there are some dangerous,
harrowing moments along
the way.  you can open the
door and peek out.  pull the
curtain aside, and take a
quick glance. but the investigation
must be swift.

i've spoken of this before.
gummy bears and klondike bars
and licorice. then, cupcakes (jan has extra frosting rolled on), 
and rather large, baked pies,
cut into generous helpings, and

i have been addicted to neccos
and bagels topped with flavored
cream cheese.  because i'm a
pain-pill addict in recovery...or
someone else is into meth, we
are cautioned always to be aware.
on guard. careful.  i know the
weapons are subtle. sublime, and
the devil begins, at a very young
age, to seduce us.  to gently
pull us over the line.  he's slick.
quick.  addictions consume. slowly
at first...then, suddenly, we are
owned..possessed.  and it's a war.

"oh, thank God....He's so good!
His love never runs out.
ALL of you set free by God. tell
the He freed you..
in your desperate 
called out to God, He put your
feet on a wonderful road.."  psalm 107

tell the world.
God spoke,
and we were healed.

the latest...the last...catscan
assured my specialist that my
bones in left, back foot...never
fused. that is why i cannot
walk without pain medication.

oh, i fear the chiselling of bone
from my hip...and the painful
recovery...but nothing scares
me as much as coming off
the pain medication. nothing!

"You are higher than we
ever could imagine.....and closer
than our eyes could ever see....
You are magnificent...You alone are
holy."   10,000 reasons

it's ALL about the Blood...
every sweat drop.  every puke.
every second of crawling skin.
each long, dark night watching
for early dawn....

'how precious is the Flow..
that washes white as snow...
no other fount i know...
nothing but the Blood of Jesus."

if you can't seem to get it down.
if you fail over and over and over.
if you long for the sweet, liquid
taste of deliverance, but your
teeth carry bitter gall...
Jesus still loves you.
He knows a different Love.
He knows our hearts.
He gets it..
and He has power.
only trust HIM.

brock and kristi
my punk music kids


  1. Still praying.
    Love your punk music kids and their picture. They will reach so many we are unable to reach. They will touch lives and hearts for Him with those we'd never be able to touch. He is able...and I'm thankful your children are wiling vessels. hugs.

  2. Oh Ann, I will keep you in my prayers. You are so brave.
    I have a couple of punk music kids too. :)
    Love you, Amylisa