Tuesday, September 17

you may wonder why
i so seemingly, without
regard, shared about brock
and his dui. he and i talked
about it. as a family, we've
wanted to open ourselves.
to show the world we aren't
perfect...and the Christian arena,
included...is full of brokenness.

but Jesus covers it all.
is mighty over all...and His
life is all about this. He lives
for the brock's of the world...and
the rest of us with our own issues.
warriors must overcome.  must
fall.  pay the dues. get back up.
never lose your vision. and
every time we fall...and get up....
the self-respect grabs hold.
the juices start stirring....and
fresh God grace energizing our

victories have so much to do with
failure. they are locked, hand in
hand with the other.

"wonderful the matchless
grace of Jesus. deeper than
the mighty....rolling sea...sufficient
for you and me."

racing to catch a plane to visit
debby.  please forgive me for
constant verbiage on my feet.
surgery is scheduled for this coming monday. 
more complicated
than before. a 4-inch incision
in my pelvis  ... to place on foot...
in hospital several days. i wept.
ran all errands in p.j.'s.  no matter
what anyone thought.  terrified of
the horrendous ordeal it is.  softly
begging the orthopedist to please
say a prayer.."i don't do that!"
he responded...."but let's shake on

jan is doing well.
Jesus becomes, in the
most astute of emotions,
truly the "Rose of Sharon"
and my Comforter, Defender,
and worthy to serve on His 
marching warriors.

wherever you are,
the One who promises all,
gives all.

don't live behind your
perfection, but your struggles.
everyone identifies with those.

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