Friday, September 13

have you noticed how good it feels
to laugh out loud?  to feel whole and
complete around someone?

i went to the dentist today.
an office full of darling technicians.
young. vibrant.  my hair isn't
being washed until tomorrow.  i
pulled on white tights, and a long, 
white top...with silver sandals.  the
office is maybe only six miles
from where i live.  there was a
day i could have pulled on running
shoes, and headed out the door.
a piece of cake.  peanuts.  no
effort....and run my way there.

i desperately need to have my
eyes checked. an implanted
tooth put in.  BUT, i'm so brain-
deprived when  it comes to
directions that i crawl back through
the front door and stew over

to hide my embarrassment,
i brush my hair out.  pull it into
a ponytail....with a headband
that says "blessed" in gold letters,
and drive around, praying for
directions.  academic honors
and achievements everywhere,
but stark terror of getting lost
inspite of a gps and a smart

the nurses and assistants
in these offices love my style
and tiny figure, but laugh
hard.  giggling at how askewed
and unsure i am.

the unabashed humor that lures
me into their arms and lovely,
stretched-wide hearts brings
healing,  and threads foolishness
into gaiety and sparkling-clean

Jesus wants us to
mount seemingly-impossible
mountains of despair, and
help Him conquer our nasty, 
hard conquests. that His glory
will be made known.

"isn't the love of Jesus
something wonderful??!!"
let's go out today and show
the world how beautiful and
true His magnificent world
really is!!!

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