Sunday, September 22

september 22.
it's my birthday!
it's my birthday!

but jan and i are not self-absorbed
on birthdays. we grew up twins, 
and who could give a party?  my
mother felt it was asking too
much for people to bring two
gifts. however.......

when we turned 16,
my mother threw her hands
in the air....and with radiant face...
announced: "we are having a

invitations went out. oh, the
smells that wafted through the
house.  nothing could wipe out the
sparkle in my mom's eyes. it was
a birthday royalle. 16 years.

the children and i have a
friend who is very close to us.

and debby is her name.  she
creates all kinds of glorious
events. for the family.  laughter
and tears when we get to see
each other. she orchestrated someone to come get me.
by plane. and because taylor is
in california, he was
chosen. my major foot surgery
is tomorrow.

and since i seem to fall on
my face with these feet, his presence has been essential.
i've eaten six bags of gummy
bears...and the rest is too embarrassing to mention.  but
fun?  it's been spectacular.
new pajamas and toasty, heavy
sweatsuit....and skyping colben.

we fly back to sacramento tonight.
staying with jan. taylor back to
monterey..tomorrow.  and i to
the hospital.

mountains rise.
trees sway.
roots are yanked out.
the world stops.
the surgeon walks in.
and another year dances before
me. fire and flood and surprise
miracles. four sons that make
courage burn in my soul.  and i
have the privilege of continuing
being a warrior at your side.

philipians 4:6

thank you for your prayers tomorrow

ann, debby
ann, taylor, debby


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  2. Happy Birthday, Ann & Jan. Many blessings and healing for the coming year for both you and Jan.

  3. Happy happy you got to have such a wonderful celebration. Praying as you go to surgery and praying for Jan as well.

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