Sunday, December 1

this may take several blogs
to complete. i don't believe i have   
ever, in detail, talked about my
19 years of marriage. 
some marriages glide along as smooth
and unruffled as glass in a pond.

each of us believes that will be 
our story as we stand at the marriage altar.  
our relationship
will out-do all others. i wore
optimism around my shoulders,
always, believing any tree could
reach higher in the sky. any dream
could live. and love is so powerful
that nothing is impossible.

all i ever really wanted, next to
Jesus, was a husband and children.
it never occurred to me that God
would say "no"......or that it would
be the most difficult journey of my

i had experienced so much
rejection in my life, and had few
skills in building a relationship
with a man.

"oh, my soul, bless God.

He forgives your sins...every one.
He heals your diseases...every one.
He redeems you from hell..
He crowns you with love and mercy.
He wraps you in goodness.
He renews your youth."

psalm 103  

we've had some tough moments
as a family recently, and brock
called from dallas.

"mom, just think of what today is ."
"today? november 27.."

the day daddy died 13 years ago!!!
november 27, 2000.
i had completely forgotten.
and we began to talk about
how hard it was to live with dad...
but ultimately, the good he brought
into our lives.

(continued tomorrow).....

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  1. Precious Ann, Thanks so much for your willingness and openness to share with us a most difficult personal aspect of your journey that brought emotional pain and deep trial to you and your family. Many will identify and be encouraged with your transparency. And God will redeem and bring new life, hope and promise for others who struggle silently. Praying for your sharing and writing this week. HUGS!!