Wednesday, February 13

mine. yours.
and all the regrets that smack
us in the face more often than we like.

if i had fed you better.
been more disciplined with your homework.
wished there had been more hugs and kisses and
prayer and devotional times.

the different backgrounds.
faiths. ways of dealing with conflict.

oh, pray, as my children and i reunite since
brandt's return from deployment. we are so close.
love being together.

at one point of life, everything can be looking
very good....but, within months or few years, influences
can stomp in with muddy, powerful sweeps of lies. a one-time,
normal, workable child is found on a completely different track.
a dark one. one you would never have imagined or dreamed.

our hearts can be ravaged and broken.
the future look damaged and dark.

"oh, God, save our country.
redeem our attempts to represent Jesus
correctly. may it start in us. our shaken hearts.
and passed on to our children and grandchildren...
and many families around us.

i wish i had my Bible right here. everyone is asleep.
and using a walker, trying to maneuver myself with a
Bible, just doesn't work.

but the family is precious to Jesus.
His love covers all. stay close, Lord, stay

1 comment:

  1. Prayers for your son! It took many different things to finally bring me back to JESUS. Hard to be patient. Not sure if you mean like PTSD, but I have that too. Can always pray if he has to "crash and burn" to get his attention, God softens the blow in His mercy. God is really good at that (i.e., not letting things dump on us according to what we actually deserve). We don't believe in karma, we believe in JESUS who died on the cross to give us the grace and mercy and love of God! Hope I'm helping. If not, feel totally free to ignore me.

    All I can think is JESUS' heart must be melted seeing you with your bum feet, clinging onto His Bible at a time like this. I'm absolutely positive He goes "Awwwww !!!" Gotta get you a Bible bag/pouch to hook onto your walker. You might find something like that in a store, since walkers are so popular.

    Hang in there, my sweet sister in Christ !!! Keep on casting your bread upon the water, and it shall return to you after many days!

    Auntie Mo