Thursday, February 14

this was a day of towering challenges.
some conflict between the two of of us. jan and me.
and suddenly, who walks in but brandt and jasmine and my doll-baby, colben.

christian started a gourmet dinner.
he and colben became fast buddies. and i wept.
turned our sinfulness to earnest pleas of
God's forgiveness. and somehow.
i was rejuvenated.

"do not despise the small
beginnings for the Lord rejoices
to see the work begin." zechariah

give Jesus the beginning
of every morning, and watch what
He can do. miracles are already
in sync. beautiful surprises.

remember february 20.
focus on the family broadcast.

thanks for so many cheers coming
my wsy. u have no idea what
each means.

"hallelujah, amen.
amen. amen.,"

christian and colben

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