Sunday, February 3

last night we partied.
all the gals from our 12-step group
celebrated patty's birthday.
one of the most fun parties ever.
God hand-picked us. we have
laid our sins and failures on the
table. stuck together. side-by-side.
special. special.

at the very beginning of the year,
patty wanted us to pray that she
would receive Jesus into her life.
what an incredible way to start!!!

jan and i BOTH have foot surgery.
we decided to do it together.
the ligament in my left foot is not
holding the inside of my foot up.
a specialist is going to try and fix
it. please pray for both of us.
for jan, that she can walk well afterwards.
and for me, that i can keep running.

Jesus calls common people to do His work.
everyday individuals like us.
keep trekking and know i love you.
will keep you posted here on how jan
and i are doing. i love you all.

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