Saturday, February 2

slow down.
step back.
breathe evenly.
feel the air on your face.
the glories of the heavens before
your eyes.

"be silent, and know that i am God." NLT

quiet. still. listening.
God is never in a hurry.
He waits for us to be stopped.
focused. yearning for His Presence
before He unveils His heart to us.

brock called.
"i was at the dentist office this morning,
mom, with kristi (sweet girlfriend!). she
had her wisdom teeth pulled. a man
went to the receptionist. he was wearing
oxygen...and i overheard the receptionist say
that his insurance required him to pay $10.50
more before he could be seen."

"this poor man, mom. he didn't have
any money until tomorrow when he gets paid,
so the lady was trying to reschedule him. i
just couldn't believe it. i walked up, and said,
'i'll be happy to pay the $10.50,' so they went
ahead and took him."

being ready. warrior, battle ready.
always alert to how God wants you to
change the world today. it is almost
always a moment you don't expect.
you make an instant choice. you see
a need, and fill it. and you only notice
God's hand tapping you on the shoulder
if you are sensitive to Him. to the broken
world around you.

Jesus is working in my life.
up early. Bible in hand.
praying for my children. for
others. crying out for me and
my limitations.

"Jesus is ALL the world to me.
my life. my joy. my all.
He is my strength from day to day...
without Him i would fall...."
(old hymn i love)

He is ours. and He is waiting
for us, every day, to somehow introduce
Him and His love to those who pass our way.

make us ready, Lord.
ready to be used.


  1. Your son was so kind to pay for that man. You did a wonderful job with your boys Ann! Have a super Blessed weekend and any word on your book deal yet?

    1. it's happening. just alittle slowly. love!!!

  2. Wonderful, wonderful son. Your boys have your heart. You did well, Ann.

  3. Ann, I love how you don't have much as far as monetarily however you are always willing to step up to the plate and help others instead of hoarding what you do have, thus your boys are in turn doing the same. I believe this could apply to the parable of the talents we need not hide and hoard. I pray the Lord would help me have a more generous heart and that I would love more in not just word but also deed.