Sunday, February 17

taylor brought me home this morning,
after brandt picked him up at san fran. internatl. airport.
they arrived at brandt's at 2 a.m...where i was sleeping on
a little bed in the living room, and taylor crashed on couch. exhausted!

we were up and out by 7 a.m.
learning to manuever myself up and down
the stairs to my bedroom has been the hardest.
we divided laundry to be done. put on p.j.'s.
both of us. and had such fun just covering bases.
being together. talking. was thrilled taylor had a
great trip to el salvador, filming. he sat me down,
and handed me two, wrapped gifts. an exquisite vase.
big and colorful and meshed with colorful fruits. and....
a hand-carved bowl. beautiful wood.
"to mom.... love you! taylor"

special. special.
just like brock who put all the flights and hotel
and schedules together for our little celebration.
colson who will just send a text: "love u!"
and brandt will do anything if for family. last night,
jasmine was running to the gas station.

"jas...could you pick up a diet pepsi for my mom,
brimming with ice. that's how she likes it." just taking
care of his mother, and i hadn't said a word.

brock's girlfriend is coming. she and jasmine have never
met. the boys haven't had a chance to get together. and
with colben bouncing around, with his ringlets flying, and Jesus,
the head of the King's Army surrounding us.... may His grace and love
cover and be poured out. may the anderson clan never be the same

the Lord tearing up the patches in our hearts.
quietly showing each of us any patterns of resentment
or bitterness. lack of forgiveness. sin. comparisons.
my mission is to see my children make it to the other side. the one who is
making this occasion a reality.
"glory, glory hallelujah!
glory, glory hallelujah!!'
"glory, glory hallelujah..HIS TRUTH IS MARCHING ON!"


  1. Amen Ann! I'm so glad you are getting to spend time with all of your family. That is the coolest thing ever and i'm still praying for all of you..............So special.....Blessing to you as you continue to serve him and those you meet along the way....

  2. Ann, you SO deserve these moments. May you have many, many, many more!