Sunday, February 24

"last in series of blogs about FEET!
tomorrow: pics from family gathering."

i had to have put my brain on the
shelf when i allowed the orthopedic
specialist to operate on BOTH
feet at once. my legs are tangled.
everything about me feels incapacitated.
and jan and i, doing this surgery together?
it was a very dark decision.

something about us lying side-by-side. in dire pain.
moaning and sharing bottled water and beginning
to argue over who was in the most
misery. and neither of us being able
to have our own space and breathing room. jan got irritated
by the click of these keys on my
smartphone, and I was trying to
keep the blogs going.

christian, jan's youngest, you know..was being paid by us to
come at our beck and call...tried to
become our private therapist. there
was something about our mutual
agony that literally brought out the
demons. our children now know
what their mothers are capable of.
brandt, my youngest, just bursts
into laughter at the vision of his mother and aunt carrying on like
this. three weeks down the road, and we are just beginning to forgive
ourselves. our grace toward the entire world has expanded.

thank you for your beautiful words
about my speech aired on focus on
the family. you touched me deeply.
every single one of you. you know,
after those days jan and i had, that
Jesus truly raises miracles out of
ashes. i had taylor, who has been
here, helping me, come sit on the
steps of my bedroom with me. and
i sobbed, and told him about the
broadcast that very day.

"taylor, i am not worthy of God's

"oh, mom, yes, you are."
this is how sweet and loving my
children are. a complete mystery!

may God's vast love
cover each of you today. and may
He heal all your wounds.



  1. Remember: "How beautiful are the feet of them who bring the good news of the gospel." In choir today our women's group sang an arrangement of this song from Handel's Messiah. Thinking of you and your "beautiful feet." God thinks so...

  2. Do you this picture, Taylor looks like Will. That same strong jaw and determined face. A good mind,a good heart.

    My mom has had multiple foot surgeries in the last few years and I know how she has suffered, so I am praying specifically for you and for Jan, asking that your physical AND emotional pain be lifted.

    Of course you are worthy of any and every thing God does for you. He made you. He loves you.

    We all love you. :)

  3. Ann, I just finished reading Seduced by Success. I cried while reading that book. Your story made me open my heart to God and ask Him to help me be more authentic in living for Him.

    Taylor is so handsome! God bless Him and all your children. May they all go forth and be everything God has called them to be.

    Don't ever say you are not worthy of God's anointing. God gives His anointing to who He wills and He gave you something very special.