Friday, February 8

well...jan and i have been home
from the hospital a full day. the
nurses in that hospital will never
forget us. same room. same nurses.
always pressing the red
button for help. we each had both
feet done. we can hop on one foot:
not the slighest weight for six weeks
on the other.

we have each fallen once. wailing
in terror. jan's youngest son,
christian, is the one we've hired as
our helper. he came running for
both spills.

nurses. some warm and pleasant. others who never crack a smile
black and white.... absolutists
in their approach. a pain pill 5 minutes early is WAY too early.

i told jan it is the hardest thing
to get around. no feet. it is like a
job experience. one hour at a time.
please pray. pray. pray.

"He leadeth me. He leadeth me.
by His own hand, He leadeth me.
a faithful follower i would
His hand, He leadeth me.."

thanks for all your loving comments.
remember, the lady who challenged me to have more
kindness for myself did so with much love. and a few others
challenged me likewise. oh, i have
miles and miles to go, but i'm truly

"this little light of mine, i'm going
to make it shine....


  1. So glad you both came through it well. I am praying and reading your "I love the word impossible" book. I just got it today and was so excited! I have to go in for a discectomy and fusion so i would appreciate you praying for me. I'm not excited about it,but, i can't stand the pain. It will take 4 to 6 months to recover,but, i believe that God can do it quicker! I will be taking my book with me for my 3 to four day stint in the hospital. I'll try and be kind to the nurses.... Praying for all of you and keep looking up because soon we will see HIM face to face and everything will be worth all of this.... Love you Ann!

  2. Praying for you.....I wonder what great writings will be penned out of this experience. Praying you are impregnated with new visions. You've been such an inspiration to me! Abundant Blessings!!

  3. Praying for you. There are always lessons and things to be learned from each experience. You are always open to what Abba has to teach. You and Jan hang in there. Praying for Christian as well. It's tough sometimes to be a caregiver--even for the best of patients.