Wednesday, February 20

family goes separate ways.
what a gift and blessing for all
of us. we will never forget.
siblings must stick together.
heart to heart. side by side.

brandt laid next to me in bed
late last night. firefighter. husband.
father. bodyguard. but forever my
son. my child. he whispered. I
listened. home at last.

kristi, brock's girlfriend, with tattoos,
something I was once horrified
about. now, all I see is her beautiful
heart. yes, Lord. it's all about the
heart! she's your child, Lord. keep
my eyes on the heart.

colben got a fever. brock threw up
five times. i have two feet in casts.
taylor took orders tonight for our
food. went and brought it up to our
adjoining rooms to save room service gratuities. we so respect
and are grateful for this trip that we
tried to save what we could.

wrap the kiemel anderson family
with love...and Jesus..
and the clouds begin to part. and
we know Jesus has led us all the way. Jesus and you and love.

may we pass it on.
carry Jesus forward.
run the Race, and somehow,

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