Friday, February 15

happy Valentine's!!
celebrating love is fun!
wouldn't it be great if love were
when Jesus speaks
about it, He reminds us that
love is unselfish and patient.
never seeks its own. not puffed
up. always thinks of others
more than ourselves.
it is so natural for broken
people...of which we all mess up in these areas.
our insecurities seem to always get
the best of us.

and that
beautiful little word, love, that
we all long to feel warmly threaded
through our veins, gets squashed
and tattered. and often makes us

Jesus has taught us what real
love is. laying down our lives
for others. He did it for us with the
thorn-studded crown..hate and
mockery..and nails driven into
His hands and feet.

"oh, how wonderful..
oh, how glorious....and my song
shall ever wonderful...oh,
how marvelous is my Savior's
love for me."

this is the weekend that a friend
has gifted us as a family to all
come together in sacramento.
welcoming brandt home after six
months of deployment. (notice picture below). we are tossing in taylor's
college graduation and colson's
25th birthday. please be thinking of
and praying for us.

all four of my daughter-in-law...and grandson are at pretty stable places today,
but I assure you the enemy doesn't rest or
sleep. he is prowling around our
children..maneuvering their circumstances. trying to twist
their thoughts. turn them at odds
toward each other. the devil is slick
and greasy and nasty. God says
we must flee. run for our lives.

tighten your back-bones..i'm working to do the same. and please
know I really, truly love you all.

brandt and colben

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