Wednesday, February 6

taylor leaves tonight for el
salvador. invited by friends and
my church, bear creek community. a new college grad
as you know, in film. first assignment. he's nervous.
pretty daunting. he's filming a
missions trip. please pray.

colson called yesterday.
"mom! pray...someone stole my
bike!!" brock had a long talk with
him. brother to brother. brandt
returned from deployment. to
jasmine and colben. well, you
know it all. being a single mother..
well, just being a mother, never
changes. i fly to the floor. arms
spread out. face down in the rug.
crying out for my children. Jesus.
our Friend. Jesus. who draws
our children into His
vast arms. Jesus. our only real Hope for our children.

running to win.
warriors of the Cross.
we must be warriors because
this world demands it.
grabs at us from behind.
always trying to divide and
conquer. separate us from one
another. turn us against ourselves.
even those we love.

run the Race.
to the end.
i love to run.
do you?
everyone can
be a winner.

pic of taylor (rt) and tony pinellas
leaving for el salvador


  1. I'm praying for Taylor, brandt, colben and jasmine and of course dear Ann. Our children are our most prized possesions. They are so vulnerable to the enemies devices but as we lift them to the Lord the enemy loses his grasp on them. How did your surgery go? I just ordered two of your books, "i gave god time and for the third time, "i love the word impossible".... I plan on ordering more next month. God is our safety and wraps HIS loving arms around us and our loved ones. When we are about HIS business < He is about ours , watching over us and our loved ones! I only met you once and you impacted my life more than you will ever know.... Hang in there Ann! We are rooting for you and will see you at the finish line someday! All my love...............

  2. Lifing you and your family up to Abba. In everything, He is sufficient. Love the pics. You have a lovely family. We hold those closest to us so dear; it's one of the reaasons the enemy works so hard to cause problems for them. Abba will be victorious.

    How did yours and Jan's surgeries go?