Saturday, March 30

my 6yr. old friend who
ALWAYS speaks the truth.
remember, his grandmother
asked what he did with dirty
school clothes and he said,

"you'll be upset with me if i
tell you." but he told the truth.
he had wadded his school uniform,
and tossed it into his closet.
these are some of my favorite
children. five of them. at 6yrs.
old, gianni is the oldest, and
gabriella is two weeks. brand
new...with three inbetween.

well, a couple mornings later,
grandma tere was fixing him a
bowl of frosted mini-wheats.
not wanting him to be wasteful,
she poured just enough into his
little bowl.

"can i have more?"
"when you finish these."

suddenly, she noticed he
had some in one of his fists.
"what about those in your hand?"

very quietly, he said, " those
fell out of the box."

"gianni, remember you are the
little boy who always speaks
the truth."

with eyes cast down, he
heaved a little sigh. the burden
of truth resting on his shoulders,

"oh, i took them."

many times, i've said to my
children, "i lie. rarely, but i do when
i get scared. when i suddenly am
afraid. the real issue is not the lying but the instant confession and
need for seeking forgiveness."

today, less than 24hrs. away
from Easter sunday, when we
celebrate the resurrection.
of our glorious Savior, may we
be Christ-like in word, thought
and deed. enjoy Jesus today!

Jesus paid the ultimate price
so that forgiveness can be ours.
His for us..and our forgiveness
of ourselves and others.

    gianni with grandmother tere               ann holding gabriella

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  1. Have a very blessed resurrection sunday! You look wonderful in the pic with the baby!