Tuesday, May 21

"and i will worship.
eternal hallelujahs to the
King. eternal hallelujahs
to the King...."
10,000 reasons

all the excitement and
planning. and welcoming
and celebrating are over
for now. glorious anticipation
has translated into unpacking.
re-entering the real world.

finding out one of my children
had gotten a $100 tattoo, and
now had no money for food.
that did not sit well. weaving
back and forth across the line
of fundamental growth. oh, i
understand. it's the story of
my life.

ended up sending
less..way less..with
instruction: eat dollar
specials and top ramen.
how far, darling, can you stretch

who enjoys
these motherhood moments?
not me!!!!

please pray for jan.
she's having surgery
tomorrow. my treasured

re-entry has never been
easy for me. at least it's
tuesday. since childhood,
mondays wreck havoc with me.
good thing tonight is celebrate

life is not made of lots
of big moments. mostly
ordinary ones. it's what we do
with every day living that
determine the rare miracles.

"and we will worship..worship...
glory hallelujahs to the King."

taylor and ann

dinner at benehana to celebrate taylor's graduation
and birthday...and brandt's new job

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