Monday, May 20

"if you search for Me
with all your soul, you will
find Me.... "  deuteronomy 4:29

i've spent the last four days
in monterey with my children
and friends and family
celebrating taylor's birthday and
commencement. chilly. breezy.
blazing sun..and rippling tide.
poor brandt.  2nd degree
burns while sitting on chairs
during the ceremony, all the
wind and breeze playing havoc
with his skin.

colben, ann

brandt, taylor

we were hugging and kissing...
tears swimming in our shining
eyes.  woohooing that brandt
is officially a new firefighter,
heading for harrisburg, pa...and
taylor with degree in film.

we toasted the boys.
toasted debby for coming 
so far. ultimately. with tears
in our eyes, we clinked our
hotel room glasses to the
glorious God Who is the ONLY
one who can orchestrate such
wonders and surprises
for every-day people who
tried to pay their dues.

all  the years of ups and downs.
the hard work. loneliness. discouragement. i, the mom, 
lying upstairs.  face buried in carpet.
uh-uh!! no enemy was going 
to tell me miracles didn't happen.
and races couldn't be run and
won.  with our God,
rainbows show up on
frequent basis.

more later.
but i know you prayed.
thought of us .  my children did.
thank you.

oh,  don't worry.
brock broke up with his
girlfriend. and colson got
sick and tired of too little
respect in his managerial post
at mcdonald's..and quit.  the boys had
a pow wow on how they  could
see him through.

always watching each other's
back.  my feet are so swollen.
sooo sore.  these feet!!!!  time,
my doctor says.  feels like

birth mother came..
and she and i shared a room.
taking walks. holding  hands.
whatever anyone thought. we
are mothers to a fine son.

"you will seek Me
and find Me...when you seek with every breath and
golden yearning of your souls."
i'm running into Your arms,  Jesus.
as fast as i can.

robin, my birth mom...debby, our wow friend....and taylor

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