Friday, May 31

today finally arrived.
brandt and jasmine and my
doll-baby colben pulled left out of
their driveway ..and i, right.

their car packed to the hilt.
two dogs in their kennel at
the back of their suv. colben
in the middle row. brandt and
jasmine...22 yrs. and 24 yrs....
with sunbeams radiating off
their faces. living out the miracle
of the firefighter position in
harrisburg, pa...the great and
glorious God making good
on His promises:

"call unto Me,
and I will show you
great and mighty things
you know not. call....
unto Me!"


an open hand.
never holding on to people,
places, or things. especially
my treasured and adored
grandbaby and children.
fingers stretched.

my palms flat.
fingers spread.
"Jesus, take out or put
into my life whatever You
desire. may i not hold too
tightly to what i most love
so You are always first. and
can accomplish whatever You

my heart wound
like a tight knot around
the yearnings of my mother-soul.
running tears forming a river
of love that leads to true
Redemption for all who swim there.

i wept behind tinted windows.
praying God will use my sons
to change the world when i am
old and gone.

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