Saturday, May 11

"good morning,

glorious, beautiful, magnificent Redeemer and
best Friend!"

my phone accidentally
got left in my 12-step room.
i didn't realize it until i got
home at 9pm..and by then,
the building was locked for
the night. please forgive my
inconsistent blogging.

thank you for every kind word.
for even reading my journey day
by day.

i drove through to have my
oil changed, and this young guy
was calling gibberish to some other
guy under my car.

"sir, do you know Jesus?"

"sure do, ma'am.... "

"oh,  He makes ALL the difference,
 doesn't He? "

funny goggles on his face.
he jerked to a stop. looked
closely at me to see if i was
in my right mind.

"uh-huh, He really does."

my heart was beginning to
sing.  i was  in my element.
"if i can help somebody as
i go along...if i can cheer
somebody with a word of
song....then my living can't
be in vain."

tears in my eyes.
clean, untarnished 

"then my living can't be in vain.
if i can help somebody as i go
along, then my living can't be
in vain."

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