Tuesday, May 7

jan noticed she had a lot of lower
pain in her back. she was
finally diagnosed with multiple
myeloma. cancer of the blood.

she called back over to the
nurses' station. crying.

"how long do i have to live? is it
a week? a month?"

the nurse calmly asked where
her husband was?

"where is my husband?  he's
at work. what difference does
it make? i want to live!!!!"

that was six years ago.
jan has been through a bone
marrow transplant and
multiple other surgeries....but
her cancer remains in remission.

oh, we've been through
many things. fears. hospital
stays. our view of living has
shifted. i have thought that
if anything happened to jan,
i wouldn't be able to go on.

every day is hard.
a nagging headache. pain
in her foot. anything makes
her think it's the beginning to
the end. yet...so many promises
from Jesus. so much love
wrapped around her.

"it is I;
do not be afraid."
john 6

fear is the devil's favorite
tool. his roughest weapon.
refuse to let him near. just
start speaking the name of
Jesus. over and over. that
is our best defense. he will

may you somehow
conquer the darkness
that life brings.
today, may the sun diminish
the darkness. believe.
and when you can't,
may the rest of us carry

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