Thursday, May 23

i drove to sacramento
last night after celebrate
recovery. to spend the
night with jan before her
surgery today.

we slept
on couches
next to each other
so as not to disturb
tom's sleep...and to
talk between bathroom
and sleeping. still so one.
so connected. tom and i
were with her until they
rolled her into surgery around
noon. she came through
amazingly. Jesus reigns.

the very top manager
at mcdonald's called colson
in. she wants him back to
be night manager even though
he felt demeaned and walked
out the other night. colson
went to his crew and asked them
to forgive him for bailing.

he has brilliant people skills.
is a hard worker. it is that quick-fire
temper we keep working on. in
one day off, he got another job.
part-time. so now he has two
jobs. oh, i love his pure core.

if a mother didn't have
prayer. to the living God.
the crying-out of heart and
soul for her children....where
would our hope lie? what would
i do? where would i lay my tear-
soaked longings for my children?

"on Christ, the Solid Rock, i
stand. all other ground is
sinking sand. all other ground is
sinking sand."

my friend, claudia, reminded
our group at celebrate recovery
to "reveal and heal". i confess
tonight that my righteousness
is as "filthy rags". i confess
i am NOTHING without Jesus.
that i get weary of the Race.

i am always
only seconds away
from my next humiliation.

take my hand...and i want
to take yours...
and may we
"trust in the Lord with all
our hearts...." (proverbs 3)
and love every one who passes
our way.

all for Jesus.
all for Jesus.

an old pic of jan and me
after i talked her into running
a 10k with me.

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