Wednesday, May 1

sitting in dentist office.
new  crown.
two cavities fixed.  
a contraption of some kind.
distorting my mouth.  my

i am so proud and happy.Jesus has made a way for me to get
my teeth fixed.  dentists must
be extremely wealthy because
it takes so much to get basic,
dental work done.  a mother
always takes care of children
ahead of themselves, so it's
been years since i've had my
teeth checked. i've fled offices,
sobbing, when they've told
me i had to put $1,000 on the
counter before an office
would put a lost crown on a
drilled-down piece of tooth.

living with an obvious hole in my 
mouth for four years has humbled
me.  i'm happy with social
security.  I am!! of you
got a tap on your shoulder from
Jesus,  and you shouted, "YES,
LORD."   yes to anything You ask.
and  ten years since my last
dental check-up, i'm back with
the noise of drills in my ears.
woo-hoooo!  i never thought
going to the dentist would  make
the sky bluer and the afternoon
breeze feel so fresh. 

i want us to be "yes, Lord"
warriors.  whatever Jesus asks.
oh, may my children be the same.
the world cannot be changed
by "no sir!"  people.  we have
to be doers and givers.

today,  ask the Lord
to show you someone with
a need that cries to be filled.
trust Jesus, Who owns all the
cattle on all the hills, to show
you how to get the job done.
no one is more rewarded than
a giver.  and God smiles to see
His army doing the work of the

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  1. Rejoicing with you, Ann. Abba is awesome. Been there (with needed dentist work) still there. I was told the same $amount for a crown I need...Can't possibly come up with that but I believe and I know Abba cares for us and I'm grateful He helped me with needed dental work before. He reigns..and I know He is pleased to see your 'new smile'.