Monday, May 6

it is such effort
to dress and change clothes.
to wash my face, and keep
plenty of cream on hand for
my face. put make-up on.
and get my hair to co-operate.
well, the bathing comes first.

i just want to take care of
my soul. make my heart the
focus. it doesn't just happen.
pure hearts. grace. Jesus shining
in our eyes. a passion for the
lost world. it takes work, too.

"those who seek the Lord shall
not lack any good thing.....I want
you to be without care.
anxious for nothing..."

time with God.
listening. reading His Word.
reaching beyond ourselves.

oh, i hunger for holiness.
but i get caught up in living.
worrying. keeping busy at
everything but the most important

today...may brandt's
test for the firefighting job in
harrisburg, pa. thank you to the
one who offered him a bed. good
food. oh, from this mother to you,
thanks. please pray.

taylor is in dallas with colson
and brock. he's putting a financial
plan together for colson. brock
has just broken up with his girlfriend.
he's doing his best
to encourage them..and there
are a couple of big chunks in
taylor's life that he needs support
and wisdom with.

my sons cover each other's backs.
love sustains. and in their eyes,
no one better mess with their
mom. Jesus took my shattered
heart and infertility, and wrote
sheet music the heavenly choirs
are singing.

God is doing the same for you.
if you can't hear the choirs yet,
just know Jesus is still working
on the project. i love you all.


  1. Thank you, Ann. Your life continues to grace mine. Your friendship with Jesus planted the seed of faith in me that I could have that too. I have some of your spiritual DNA. He's living in me now and together we're out to change my world,thanks in a big way to you. I love you, Ann, my sister, and I hope someday, friend.

  2. I so connect with what you said about the effort of getting ready. Last week I was depressed for a couple of days and it was so hard to put my makeup on and present myself but once I got to where I was going and started to serve the people around me the heaviness in my heart lifted.

    I also want to say I read your books when I was a teenager. I absorbed your transparent style of writing and today when something is bothering me I write and can share it with those closest to me. Thank you for touching my heart with a desire to touch the world. When I felt alone in my teenage world your books loved on me as a dear friend.