Sunday, May 26

oh, i love this passage...
"the Servant grew up before God...
a scrawny seedling.
a scrubby plant in a parched

"there was nothing attractive
about Him...He was looked down
on and passed over.

"a Man who suffered.
who knew pain firsthand.
but the fact is, it was OUR
pain He carried. our
"it was OUR sins that did that
to Him. that ripped and tore and
crushed Him. OUR SINS....

"He took the punishment,
and that made us whole.
and God piled all our sins
on Him. on Him...."
isaiah 53

i'm sorry i didn't say very nice
things about where we stayed
in fresno. it is a first-class organization.
i was just so scared,
and aghast at all the crooked
corners ramming into me
that i forgot love put us there,

and Jesus had a plan even in this.
stripping me of every morsel of
self so as to be prepared for a
battle of massive force about to
confront me.

are you sort of there today?
shattered? in pieces? scared?
the glories of the Lord are being
perfected in you. and the deeper
and darker the descent, the more
glorious and thrilling the work
that is being accomplished.

keep running, warriors.
fight the adversaries. this is
not a race in perfection. never!
but a journey in love's power.
God taking up the cause of all
black sheep.

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