Thursday, May 9

because of God's vast
faithfulness and your many

that my son, brandt, received
the news today that he is
the fire station's first choice
as a new firefighter in harrisburg,

he got the job.
no overseas' work
away from his little

what seemed impossible.
what the devil made brandt believe......for sure...that the
mountain was too high.  and
what i wept over on Easter because
i, with such embarrassment,
confess to wavering in this dream.
today, may 9, God proved
us weak and wrong...and the
enemy nothing but a puff of

"it is truly wonderful
what the Lord has done.
it is truly wonderful...
what He's done for me..."

as a family,
we celebrate the
magnificent faithfulness
of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
believe, fellow warriors,  believe.

for your seemingly-impossible
mountains today.

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  1. Woo, hoo! Congratulations, Brandt, and thanks for sharing the news, Ann!