Friday, August 30

in night.  got jan
up. we ate klondike bars....
and cried.  oh, i don't want to
lose jan.  praying for jan's healing.

we get impatient with each
other, sometimes.  don't know
why.  it's friday again.  i am driving
home today....and jan's dear
friend is caring for her over the
weekend.  i hate to leave her.

"Jesus, i trust Thee.
how i've proved Thee o'er and o'er.
Jesus, Jesus...precious Jesus.
oh, for grace to trust Thee more."

brandt is three hours
later than west coast.
he called last night
from fire station.  such
a good talk.  i put it on speaker
phone so jan could enjoy.

i don't think there's a co-
dependant bone in jan's body.
me?  i'm always trying to keep
the world happy.  i think it's
the most difficult part of our

i received probably the most
scathing comment of my career
a week ago.  that i pity myself.
that i feel sorry for myself.

do you celebrate
the glory of the risen Savior?
do you realize that we all have
blind spots?  do you long to be
more like Jesus?

i do.
oh, i do.
God's truth is marching
on.  and i've learned there is
a thread of truth in every
criticism.  must go.
may we pray for each other
today.  and march to victory.

brandt and colben


  1. Ann, you are amazing. Please don't let cruel people tell you otherwise. You are a true example to us all of how to live a life that is passionate for Jesus. You really are so loved.

  2. Ann, I agree, you are an amazing woman. And I think the thing that amazes me the most is that you are willing to share your life like this with all of us. I love that you have struggles and I love that you have triumphs. You keep going, and you keep sharing your journey with us. I am praying for both you and Jan!

  3. God made each of His children so wonderfully unique. Some are lead by the heart and others by the head. You have an ability to slice emotion straight down the middle to let the cry, the joy, the wonder, the praise, out in full expression. You say what many long to express. We are each a living example of the grace of God. I am always encouraged by your words. 'Not a burden we bear,not a sorrow we share but our toil he doth richly repay....'

  4. Ann,

    You lean into vulnerability better than just about anyone I've ever seen. It's not pitying yourself-it's embracing sorrow, and learning the lessons she can teach. Most of us numb ourselves to vulnerability and all those "uncomfortable" emotions - but you bring healing and freedom to many by writing your life so honestly.