Tuesday, October 16

i think i may have found a car.
in between and around my schedule.
not sure. but maybe.....please pray!
i know many of you are. i'm giving it
24 hours. truly, in my heart, i demand
nothing. God gives and He takes.
if this car isn't right, then He has something

what are you lacking?
what do you really need?
what is the need that you lay before
the Lord day after day?
please don't give up.
hold on. believe.

this car is literally going to be
a gift from all of you who contributed.
my insurance money mostly went to my
loan because i hadn't had the kia that long.
there is an annointing on the car God has.
a special blessing.

please forgive my repeat blogs on
this issue of my car. it is like taking
heaving breaths. pushing myself.
now, i am racing to bible study fellowship.
someone is waiting and does not want to be late.
loving each of you. believing.

1 comment:

  1. I love you and am praying for your car. You are such a blessing.