Thursday, October 25

my index finger
going over every
beautiful line each of you
writes to me. lovingly touching
your words as if i can actually
feel the warmth in your hearts...
and pleading with God that my
finger-tip of such immense
tenderness and care can ignite
joy in you.

thank you, beyond measure,
for taking time to talk to me with
such empathy and encouragement.

my acura tl arrived after dark.
happy. happy. happy. so very
happy. silver metallic. even blue tooth
for phone. getting up early to drive
through car wash..and head to
jan's for a visit in sacramento.

"God answers prayer in the morning.
God answers prayer at noon.
God answers prayer in the evening...
so keep your heart in tune."

He answered your prayers and giving
for me to finally have this car. now
i am praying for needs in your
lives. and waiting and watching for
the miracles to come.

computer still being worked on.

HAVE YOU? love, ann


  1. So glad you received your car!! I know you will have a good visit with Jan!

  2. So happy for your car! Have a wonderful day Ann! You are loved and appreciated more than you know! Ya know... i only live in Reno.... sacramento isn't that far away... :) I wish you could come here and speak, this city could really use your positive and "real" ways. Have a wonderful visit with Jan! love you...

  3. I too am happy for you. Have a great visit with Jan. Be safe. Love and prayers to you.;